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Our vision is to help grow profitable businesses. To find out more, please click "read more" below.

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Our approach

We will help improve your EBITDA

We help improve productivity by increasing the rate output, while reducing the required units of input (cost and waste). We help introduce, negotiate, execute and sustain business improvement initiatives. Allow us to expand on this, click "Read More" below.

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TUI: Services

Business Performance Improvement

We are passionate about execution. We help unlock the wealth of potential in your employees and your organization. We root cause and correct operational challenges across all business functions.

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Tuitiv: let's get it done

A business process platform

We provide a turn-key integrated platform that automates and sustains your improvements. Leverage your existing systems and investments to improve productivity and maximize margins.

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Let's talk about your business

Our engagement with you

We had the opportunity to tell you about our business, but it is really centered on your business. Let's focus the engagement on meeting your needs, instead of squeezing them into a template.

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Our mission at TUI:

We increase your EBITDA and sustain the improvement.

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Root cause

Identify factors resisting the rate of output and the contributors to waste.

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Corrective actions

Define corrective actions and map out the corrected processes.

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Automate and sustain

Automate and sustain these corrective actions on our ready to run tuitiv platform

Who are we?

TUI: Technology & User, interfaced.

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Dieter Stapelberg

Enterprise Systems

“Life is an adventure. Never stop conquering and exploring.” – Dieter Stapelberg

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Yana Aculai

Software Development

“Focus on the result. The right vision and strategy alone cannot bring success, their successful execution does. If you fail, fail forward” – Yana Aculai.

What are we passionate about?

In our experience it is relatively simple to initiate business performance improvements. Our differentiator is the skillset and platform to create automated business processes that provide for automated and gated accountability.

This maintains the discipline to keep the business on the right path to change. We can now manage by exception and focus management efforts on growing the business.

"Elegance is not the abundance of simplicity. It is the absence of complexity." - Alex White

Map, assign, execute, sustain and support improvements. Click below to:

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From our clients

A business perspective on what we deliver

"I can recommend TUI without reservation due to their objective, practical and outcome-based approach to business challenges."

client 1 Manufacturing Client

"TUI works across all functional areas of the business. This provides holistic execution and improvements. Ideas are great. Without execution that's what they remain. TUI executes."

client 2 Business Services Client

"Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to Add, But When There Is Nothing Left to Take Away"

Contact Us

TUI is based out of Richmond, Indiana in the USA. Feel free to send us comments and/or questions using the form below:

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Richmond, Indiana, USA, 47374


+1 (765) 259-4417

+1 (765) 914-0582

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