Our business performance improvement services:

To improve your EBITDA we need to improve your productivity. We need to increase the rate of output, while reducing the required units of input (cost and waste).

"How do you increase output and reduce inputs?"

  1. Identify factors resisting the rate of output contributors to waste.
  2. Define corrective action and map out the corrected processes.
  3. Automate these corrective actions on our ready to run tuitiv platform.
  4. Sustain and steer the continuous improvements with business intelligence.

"What input and output factors and contributors do you help with?"

  • First-time yield
  • Excess & obsolete inventory
  • Warranty cost
  • Integrated customer interaction
  • Product quality and process control
  • Material cost fluctuations
  • Variance to standard labor cost
  • Part and/or material shortages
  • Integrated supplier relationship
  • Logistic cost variance
  • Enhanced engineering change control
  • Disciplined product configuration
  • Production scheduling
  • Margin protection
  • Audit logging & compliance
  • Part/Product catalogue accuracy