Tuitiv: Our integrated turnkey SaaS platform.

Tuitiv’s sustained execution and monitoring ensures early warning that allows for management by exception - an improved business nervous system

Let’s approach the business as a functioning body. The departments and the IT system infrastructure can be seen as the organs and functions. Executive and middle management form the brain. Each business creates various paths to send and receive signals between the brain and these parts to create a functioning body, with different levels of success.

With business improvement and change initiatives today we too often require major surgery, or suspending body functions to affect these changes. This leads to painful, lengthy and costly implementations with low ROI.

At TUI we see our Tuitiv platform as the nervous system of your business body. The primary goal of our ready-to-run SaaS platform is to improve the signals between these functions and more importantly on the feedback to, and signals from, the brain (i.e. management). The holistic approach of better coordination of the existing functions provides painless, low-cost and more expedient integration and improvements.

The result is a self-regulating and self-auditing platform that guarantees business performance improvements with an excellent ROI.

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