Let's get down to your business

Introduce (normally 4 weeks)

  1. We generally require two weeks to perform root cause analysis, to find the contributors to waste and peformance inhibitors.
  2. Select the most applicable improvements based on ROI with SMART Key Performance Indicators. Obtain executive approval for the buiness performance improvement initiative.

Negotiate (normally 4 weeks)

  1. Define the scope, timing and teams fo the projects forming the improvement initiative.
  2. Introduce and evangelize the projects throughout the business.

Execute (normally 4 weeks, then run on our subscription-based SaaS platform - Tuitiv)

  1. Map, assign, execute and sustain the improvements on our integrated turnkey Tuitiv platform.

Sustain (We support your business on our subscription-based SaaS platform - Tuitiv)

  1. Support the execution, measure the performance and initiate management by exception.
  2. Identify the next low hanging fruit that meets ROI criteria, and execute improvements.